Welcome to Pallies Auto Sales!

Pallies Auto Sales is a family run business that opened it's doors over 30 years ago. Our goal has remained the same since the beginning. To provide our clients with a quality vehicle that fits their lifestyle and budget.

Why buy from Pallies Auto Sales?

  • Lowest down payments around-no-gimmicks-no-tricks! The down payment on the car is the only down payment you make.
  • Comprehensive warranty comes with every financed vehicle we offer.
  • AutoCheck vehicle history available with every vehicle at no cost to you!
  • A referral program that can't be beat. Refer only 5 people to us and after the fifth purchase, your car is paid off no matter what you owe! Yes! You read that correctly!
  • Most importantly, we care about our customers. If you're facing a problem then we want to help.